Customers’ Feedbacks


“The flavor and atmosphere of the real China! Fethiye, Hisaronu, unlike lots gaudy restaurant of the main street, Dragonaro Chinese Restaurant immediately draws your attention with its big red sign, right there at the end of the main street. We were suprised to see the place full with all the tables in spite of out of way location than we understood the reason very soon! As soon as you enter, the real  Chinese Restaurant decoration fascinates you. High quality and original taste of food that you wouldn’t expect in Hisarönü… I would recommend chicken or beef with sea chestnut cooked in bamboo. In addition, the Turkish palate, the taste of garlic chicken is very convenient … Cider is also an interesting flavor for food .. Cashew chicken and meat with vegetables on the menu, as well as my favorite … All are amazingly attentive … From Chopsticks presentation to the Chinese tea served up with meal… Everywhere was immaculate. They send cultery to polishing factory every 6 months; Think of the rest. The prices are also very reasonable. I say “You should go there and see, taste” :)”

Çağrı O.

You are beyond.

I don’t know if I should start with the deliciousness of each of the dishes, the perfection of the service, or how a touristic atmosphere is made unique with effort and success. As a couple from Ankara, we spent one evening and dinner of our holiday to experience this restaurant. Frankly, we were undecided; because at one point we thought like every other person: “In a place like Fethiye; How could he get rid of his customer service, cheap market dominance, temporary salesman mentality and bad vision of world cuisine?”

Şeniz Bey and his team, who transformed all of our prejudices into positive judgments, left their admirable expression below their own bar. What is the vision of service ethics, culinary and taste awareness, taste mastery and professionalism; redefined it.

Talking about the dishes: We chose a classic Chinese mix consisting of hot and sour soup, meat pie, shrimp noodles, szechuan-style beef, and hazelnut fried ice cream; And speaking for this menu, I think it would be self explanatory enough if we say that the Chinese restaurants in the capital, quick china, sushico, wok’n walk, the great wall of china, guangzhou wuyang have a more successful flavor texture than each of them: Spices, sauces. In terms of the content, quantity, quality, cooking techniques and portion adequacy of the ingredients used, it does not contain a single iota of error from its soup to appetizers, from main course to dessert. And really it’s not enough for us to just say it; We want everyone who reads it to observe and experience it for themselves.

Other general details that make us happy:

-Use of chestnut bottled water.
-Pushclean wet wipes.
-Shrimp chips treat – interestingly, it had an intense aroma, it was delicious.
-Service hygiene, optimum change frequency and periodically asked “Is everything alright, sir?” The very high level of interest in the restaurant with its question.
– Mr. Şeniz’s help in taste harmony and professionalism in communication skills, warm conversation, eye contact.
-The toothpick on the menthol candy brought with the Turkish coffee served is unilaterally opened. As physicians, we can easily say that this delicacy of hygienic thinking is absent even in some first-class restaurants.

And a footnote: To put it emphatically, the concept called professionalism, opening seventeen chain branches, placing luxury heaters under the table, offering chamomile tea / sake in exotic patterned teapots / choshis; Unfortunately, it is not defined by giving bad, inadequate service and discriminating to some customers who do not prefer to order a drink alongside their meal, or who are not dressed in the phenotype to meet the high tip expectation, or who do not want to set a table with a crowd of hot and salads. The concept is about equal and good service, humane communication, mutual satisfaction and acquaintance, sometimes just a warm smile, without knowing who the other person is. After all, we are shopping and people want to leave / finish happy, right?

In short, we would like to express our gratitude and appreciation to this unique restaurant and its business for having such a lofty work ethic and allowing us to keep our evening as a happy, peaceful memory.